Alcohol Use Disorder and PTSD: An Introduction PMC

• It isn’t always apparent to others if someone is in the midst of a blackout. In some early studies on the phenomenon, blackout subjects were able to recall events a couple of minutes after they happened and could even perform simple calculations. But what does being ‘blackout’ really mean in terms of brain processing, memory formation, and how someone acts – and how common is it, particularly among young people? Each random prompt assessed number of standard drinks consumed in the past 30 minutes on a 7-point scale (0 to 6 or more drinks). The total number of drinks across all assessments...

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Editor’s Corner Cardiomyopathy: A Look at Current Treatment American College of Cardiology

Fortunately, there are several potentially reversible CMs that are known to improve when the root etiological factor is addressed. In this article, we discuss several of these reversible CMs, including tachycardia-induced, peripartum, inflammatory, hyperthyroidism, Takotsubo, and chronic illness–induced CMs. Our discussion also includes a review on their respective pathophysiology, as well as possible management solutions. In Munich, the annual consumption of beer reached 245 l per capita and year in the last quarter of the 19th century. In 1884, the pathologist and veterinarian Otto von...

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Anger, Hostility, and Aggression in Severe Alcohol Use Disorder SpringerLink

Researchers found that participants who were less inclined to think about the future were more inclined to deliver shocks longer and harder, but especially if they were drunk. Alcohol had minimal impact on aggression for those who thought about future consequences. Studies have shown that serotonin levels may begin decreasing within 30 minutes of that first drink (4). Plummeting serotonin levels hinder the brain’s ability to regulate anger and are linked to impulsive aggression (5). Some people may become more angry or aggressive when they drink, in part because of alcohol’s effects on brain...

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